Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Religious freedom rally planned ahead of Newton County meeting

NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. - Residents in Newton County are gathering Tuesday afternoon to rally in support of religious freedom following a controversial proposal to build a mosque and cemetery within the county.

Hundreds of residents have been turning out for the county commission meetings discussing the issue. Last week, about two dozen came out for a protest and counter-protest over the mosque. That protest actually forced a planned zoning meeting to be canceled due to concerns that some of the protesters may be armed.

The rally Tuesday is set to begin at 4:30 p.m., well ahead of the scheduled 7 p.m. monthly meeting of the Newton County Board of Commissioners. Those attending the rally are expected to gather in the Covington's Town Square which is across the street from where the meeting will be held in the Newton County Courthouse.

"We will stand for Freedom of Religion," said Kendra Millerd, one of the event organizers in a statement sent to FOX 5 News. "We believe in the First Amendment and in order for it to protect us, it needs to protect everyone. We will be standing for that right peacefully and mostly silent. We welcome people from all backgrounds and beliefs to stand in solidarity for the first amendment, we welcome peaceful signs as well."

Organizers noted the rally was organized by non-Muslim residents.

County officials lifted a ban on building permits for religious institutions which sparked by local opposition to a mosque and Muslim cemetery. The project needs other approvals before construction can start, but Newton County officials say they will work with members on those steps.


  1. Every one deserves the right to practice what ever faith or religion that want to practice. that is an intrinsic human right that should not be taken away from any one.

  2. Yes, you are correct.

    In the USA there is a lot of concern about 'radical' Islam and the concern extends to all Mosques and what is seen as a general failure of Mosques to come out against these radical elements.

    So there is distrust of Moslems across the board. Take for instance the store front Mosque which was started about 3 years ago in Kennesaw, a place I lived for 15 years and reported on this on another site. The founders of this Mosque started out with un-truths which were immediately challenged, in part by me. So in that particular case they were caught in lies almost at once and that did not re-assure the community about this new store front Mosque. http://suffadawa.blogspot.com/

    There is an old adage which says that if you lie about anything then whatever else you say can be discounted.

    So 'yes' you should be able to worship as you want, even with a religion that is not that well thought of by the general population.